My plan is to continue to grow as a VR Designer, and learn more about how VR can be used to make a world of difference. 

Just in the short, but intense time I’ve spent building this demo, the level of reward far outweighs the painfully steep learning curve. I’m hooked and there is no going back.

Technical skills I intend to pursue with gusto will be primarily around 3D and Audio, but Unity is a must. 

I want to continue working in Blender, if not learn Maya or Cinema4d. Specific 3D areas I want to learn more of include modeling (environments and characters), rigging, UV mapping and lighting.

An area I am extremely keen to learn about is atmospheric design (combining audio, visuals, ”architecture of space” and user context). I also want to explore how content is revealed and interacted with in the most intuitive and rewarding way possible. Basically taking my Design/UX background and going fully immersive.

In terms of Timeline, my husband and I feel that the rest of the fall should round off my VR DIY-education nicely and then it will be time to join a team of VR fanatics like myself – if not sooner given the right opportunity.