Goals for last week

° Goal 1: Get Demo 1.0 Scene flushed out
        •  Finish placing Vegetation, creatures and props
        •  Rig Turtle
        •  Design & Rig Moki
        •  Mobile-friendly Lighting Shaders
        • Get fog bank/clouds in around the Island perimeter
        •  Optimize Ocean texture (animate would be bonus)

° Goal 2: Get Demo 1.0 Mechanics flushed in
        •  Start wiring Head-tracking and Eye-gazing/UI
        •  Mode of Viewer motility - how can Viewer move around?
        •  Test Turtle Info-Cards with parallax or movie embedded in them

° Bonus: Start identifying audio assets for UI and Fun

Status Update

• Primary focus has been the Scene Setup – been experimenting with different vegetation I bought last week. Finally landed with the aesthetic I want for the Demo.
• More Assets – finally made some well researched purchases from my Asset Tracker List. Shopping list includes:
       •  Rigged Turtle
       •  Monitor Lizard
       •  Iguana
       •  Buddha
       •  Volumetric Fog
• Am considering a Temple/Gazebo for the last Overlook and a hut with a pier extending out into the water for arrival.
• Working on getting the Turtle rigging and Monitor animations working.
• Still working on where and how I want to transport the Viewer through the environment – this is actually the part I am finding I love the most. Designing interactivity that can just happen as magically and intuitively as possible is my ultimate ambition.

It’s been interesting working while on the best vacation in two years! My kids finally got over the jet lag – kid you not it took at least 4 days. I, on the other hand am trying my darnedest to not adjust as I know the week we get back will be my last one before submitting the application for a scholarship on August 27th. So for now it’s early mornings with bunnies and coffee here in a cottage on Gotland. 

By the way, I found my playlist on Spotify from the last time I was back in Gotland, you are welcome to listen in here.

And here is a little Ricoh Theta S test shot at a fabulous creperie we love in Hablingbo. 


The Viewer’s first View of Turtle Island.

The Viewer transports to the Turtles, where I’ve added a Buddha, for the time being as an Island Hostess and make the Viewer feel welcomed.

The Turtle(s) are still work-in-progress. I bought the textured one this week. It is actually rigged for the Ocean, so we’ll see if I can give her some land legs.

On the rock in the foreground is the Iguana and by the Buddha is the Monitor, both native to Turtle Island from what I understand. Their roles are meant to add life, not creep-factor. They are positioned here only because this is where my Camera is at the moment. The Monitor actually has an animation I’m working on getting to work.

This is the intended Midpoint for the Viewer – not sure what is going to happen here yet. I did do some more research this week and am playing with an idea – Turtle Island actually has 2 Spirit Rocks who, believed by the locals, will protect them from natural disasters and bad luck especially when traveling by sea. Did I mention I’m on a remote Island in the Baltic Sea famous for it’s beautiful beaches and crazy rock formations?

Here you see all the designed Points-of-Interest. The Viewer will arrive at the far end of the Beach, if encouraged successfully, transports to Turtles, gets them Seaweed, transports up the hill to the Midpoint and feels good vibes, then if desired, transports to the Overlook.

View from above.

My Turtle Island from afar – shame the Viewer won’t get to see this View.

And now for a little video from the current camera point of view.

Visual Research

More detail shots to help me authenticate the placement of boulders and vegetation while still being mindful of performance and low poly needs.

I came across this Buddha a while back and just love it.

This is how I would want to model my Temple if I had time, but leave it open so it is more like a Gazebo where you could collect your thoughts.

Look, who’s that cutie?! Koh Tao is fortunate enought to have the Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley species of Sea Turtles visit them.

This picture is just the kind of reminder that makes getting up at 5am every day on my vacation a no-brainer. 

Without looking very hard, I found this site where they are sharing the conservation efforts and great strides they are making in Koh Tao. I have to find a way to make the following kind of fundamental information more intrinsically built into Moki’s Adventures.

The main threats to sea turtles are marine debris (plastic bags, cigarette butts, etc), fishing (as by catch or stranded in nets), beach development, black market trading, and climate change. Protection of turtles has been undertaken in many areas for decades, but unfortunately enforcement is nearly impossible. Furthermore marine debris and climate change are global problems, which are difficult if not impossible to solve.

Goals for this week

I’m on week 2 of 3 on vacation visiting friends and family in Sweden. Am doing my best to get as much work in as possible. For now, here is my overall list of priorities:

° Goal 1: Get Demo 1.0 Scene flushed out
        •  Finalize Vegetation, creatures and props (still have butterflies and birds to import)
        •  Design & Rig Moki
        •  Mobile-friendly Lighting Shaders
        • Get fog bank/clouds in around the Island perimeter – some recent feedback suggests that the Island could use a little more dimension so that the fog could trickle in over the top into the bowl. It’s on my list!
        •  Optimize Ocean texture (animate would be bonus) – am thinking it would be more important to get the right audio

° Goal 2: Get Demo 1.0 Mechanics flushed in
        •  Get Turtle animated and moving
        •  Start wiring Head-tracking and Eye-gazing/UI
        •  Mode of Viewer motility - how can Viewer move around?
        •  Make Info-Cards with information about the habitat or creatures (ie. the Turtles and Monitor Lizard).

° Bonus: Start identifying audio assets for UI and Fun

° Starting to think about presentation of Moki’s Adventures for purposes of the application deadline which is quickly approaching!



Brought to you by Allison Ivmark, student of all things VR.