Goals for this past week

Am approaching the deadline, but far from the homestretch. My overall list of priorities for making the August 27th deadline are as follows:

° Goal 1: Get Demo 1.0 Scenery flushed out
        •  Finalize Vegetation, creatures and props (still have butterflies and birds to import)
        •  Design & Rig Moki
        •  Mobile-friendly Lighting Shaders
        • Get fog bank/clouds in around the Island perimeter – some recent feedback suggests that the Island could use a little more dimension so that the fog could trickle in over the top into the bowl. It’s on my list!
        •  Optimize Ocean texture (animate would be bonus) – am thinking it would be more important to get the right audio

° Goal 2: Get Demo 1.0 Mechanics flushed in
        •  Get Turtle animated and moving
        •  Start wiring Head-tracking and Eye-gazing/UI
        •  Mode of Viewer motility - how can Viewer move around?
        •  Make Info-Cards with information about the habitat or creatures (ie. the Turtles and Monitor Lizard).

° Bonus: Start identifying audio assets for UI and Fun

° Starting to think about presentation materials

Status Update

Was on week 2 of a 3 week vacation – progress was minimal, but development is making strides. I’m back in Stockholm and getting assets ready for the info cards I want to implement.

In the meantime, my husband is helping me implement a simple teleportation effect we found in the Unity Asset Pack. It’s not exactly the intended effect, but for purposes of speed, will make do for now. Based on the 4-5 points of interest I had designed into the Scenario and environment, he was able to place them. It’s definitely raising questions and helping me refine the overall ”game mechanics” of this experience, and for purposes of transparency, allows me to share a video of the all the points of interest.  

Story, interactivity and polish are not baked in yet. I know realistically that this demo will be as barebones as it can be and the presentation materials that support it will need to be air-tight.

I’ve made some strides in terms of the Vision and content planning, but feel like it will be a miracle if I can pull this all off given before the impending jet lag and first-week-back-to-school for the kids. All par for the course, but I’m also eager to just get back to the grind! And now for the latest video....

This Week’s Video

Here you can teleport between the main points of interest.

Goals for this coming week

° Goal 1: Get Demo 1.0 Mechanics flushed out
        •  Get Turtle animated and moving
        •  Make Info-Card with information about the Turtle and its lifestyle

° Goal 2:  Get Presentation Materials flushed out

° Goal 3: Get Demo 1.0 Scenery flushed out as much as possible
        •  Design & Rig Moki (!)
        •  Finalize Vegetation, creatures and props (still have butterflies and birds to import)

° Bonus: Start identifying audio assets for ambiance, ocean, creatures, UI and just for fun


Brought to you by Allison Ivmark, student of all things VR.