Goals for last week

° Start building the island art and environment for the Turtle Island scene.

° Sketch Moki’s 3D form, and maybe even rig?!

° Start testing how the Player moves and whether there is a need for a controller.


• Refine Branding

• UX/UI Moodboard & Research

• Learning Low Poly Flat Shading 


branding Work-in-progress

Moodboard: feel & function

Moodboard: Nature



Gameplay walkthroughs


UX/UI demos & Tutorials

Check out Google’s Arctic Tour Cardboard Demos on their iOS and Android app. 

Get Google’s Design Lab app in order to enjoy a brief tutorial of how to design for VR in VR. If you’re wondering who made this, it was one of my favorite design agencies called USTWO. And now for the best part, Google open sourced this beautiful package so that brilliant, dedicated pioneers like ourselves can learn from the best! Below is an example of someone’s test for HTC Vive.

Been importing and trying to extract insights as to how USTWO built their landscape since their Outlook view is almost exactly how I’ve envisioned my opening scene for my demo (see my storyboards below). Also trying to learn and discern how to reduce my poly count! Below is a screenshot of the Google/USTWO assets in Unity.




Tutorials and Manuals



Unity’s Reference Charts


Painting & Textures in Blender

Texture Painting | Quick start | Blender | 3min


UV Mapping


flat shading

Abdel, who I mentioned last week (and made a beautiful demo of a flat shaded camp fire) has shared a quick tutorial of how to test and explore settings for getting that look and feel with me. He’s also generously let me share it with all of you. 

I’m so inspired by talented designers, but even more so when they are so open and generous with their insights! Thank you Abdel! You can check his portfolio out here at 5919art.com.

Other tutorials I’ve found helpful this week



I couldn’t find a template I liked so I made one in both Letter and A4 format for everyone to enjoy! There is also a great write up over here on the process.

Character Sketches

Download printable template for Letter size here.

Feel free to download the Illustrator Letter sized Template here.

So clearly this isn’t working, as it looks like the makings of the Android dude. So I went back and did a moodboard for Yetis – and decided yes, I do want the form factor as originally thought, but tried sketching Moki and another Yeti like his Mom to see what could change. We’ll see how this progresses next week.


Download printable template for Letter size here.

Finding it super helpful to visualize the scenario and travel distances.

Moki is taking over my World

It’s Thursday and I’m starting to feel niggling doubts whether I can pull this off. For a mobile demo, there are lot of considerations layered on to the overall process. Doesn’t make for a speedy production pipeline at the moment.

It is definitely that time in the project when I have to account for what the vision is and what I can make for purposes of the demo.

Goals for this coming week

° Goal 1: asset testing

° Goal 2: Environment better constructed

° Goal 3: Moki Character profile and rigging


Brought to you by Allison Ivmark, student of all things VR.