Below is my latest, but not final Demo of Moki’s Adventures in video format. The actual VR demo is best experienced with the apk file on a Samsung Galaxy S6 or better and a GearVR headset. 

You can download the stripped down Unity build on GitHub, but none of the assets I purchased are included – so it’s only worth checking out the scripts. 

Note, for purposes of the demo, all Moki related branding or character development is out of scope. The key here is to develop the core proof-of-concept and identify how VR can be used to help people learn about the value of Nature – and more importantly endangered species. I imagine a good use case being in schools, but anyone and everyone should really consider giving it a try!


All materials, other than the 360° footage, in the demo are original, purchased, open-sourced or royalty-free. All images were provided by the folks at